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The story of Broad street takeout

Broad Street Takeout, located in the heart of Five Points at 1020 Broad Street, serves up soul food for everyone! Known for their best-selling Five Points Fried Chicken & Pembroke Pork Chop, this hometown establishment prides itself not only on their delicious food, but also by honoring the heritage of our New Bern community. With clever names such as Sonny Boy Shrimp, Tryon Fried Fish, Ghent Grilled Chicken, the Papa Bear Burger and the Mayor Morgan Hot Dog, each entrée reflects an aspect of local history. Savory sides like Mac and Cheese, Rice and Gravy, Green Beans, Collards, and Seasoned Fries round out their selections at a price that is easy to manage on even a meager budget.

“I wanted to make sure that we offered up a price that even someone on a fixed income could afford. Our slogan ‘where everybody eats’ means just that, no matter what their economic status might be,” says owner Kurtis Stewart.  

Kurtis, who first opened the business in April 2021, never had ambitions of being a restaurant owner.  With degrees in Psychology and Health Administration Services, his true passion has always been in sports as an agent for professional athletes as the owner of Millennium Sports Management.  

However, being born and raised in New Bern, he decided to begin investing in real estate and started purchasing residential and commercial property locally. “I remember when Broad Street Takeout was Robbie’s Rib House, Papa Bear’s Kitchen, even a Jamaican restaurant. The building used to be owned by Frank Pollock, who was a very influential African American businessman, and he sold it to William Smith. Pollock requested from Smith that when the time came that he could no longer run the business, that he pass it down to his kids or sell it to another local African-American,” says Kurtis. Smith, who was a man of character and spiritual foundation, kept his word and sold to Kurtis.

“I wanted to keep it simple and doing only takeout limited the risk in comparison to a restaurant with servers and such. We make great food and serve all people from all walks of life. As we continue to grow and evolve, we want to expand the menu for a daily special, like the grilled ribs. Those are my favorite. They are just perfection in the grilling and tenderness.”  

Founded in 2021